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Translated Public Notices, Reports and Documents

Title VI Statement

HRTPO fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Publications and other public documents can be made available in alternative languages or formats. 

The HRTPO website uses Google Translate to provide translations of not only our documents, reports and public notices, but of the HRTPO website. Google translate has been added to every page of the HRTPO website.   To engage Google Translate, navigate your mouse to the right of the HRTPO Logo at the top of the website, and and use the pull down window to select your prefered language.  HRTPO understands that using Google translate will not provide perfect translation, but will provide an LEP individual or group with enough information to make contact to HRTPO for comments or questions. Documents that cannot be translated directly on the HRPTO website, can be cut and pasted into Google Translate at www.googletranslate.com.  To view the HRPTO Title VI/LEP Plan, click here.

For those members of our public who are visually impared, the HRTPO website is compliant with Popular screen readers , which can be used effectively by the visually impaired on this website.  To view the HRTPO Accessibility Policy in full, click here

The  HRPTO does routinely translate public notices in the two predominant langauges other than English in the Hampton Roads Region -- Filipino and Spanish. 

Translated Public Notices: Filipino

Wala sa ngayon.

Translated Public Notices: Spanish  

Ninguno en este momento.